Sex With Steph in November

Friday, November 4, 2016
Last night's inaugural session of Sex With Steph was full of brave, beautiful moments. Here's what some participants had to say:

"A wonderful, safe group to explore and (hopefully) discover more about myself. A space to learn and grow."

"Such a warm, safe, freeing space to talk openly about sex and things that are forever on one's mind but not always easy to explore."

"Wonderful opportunity to open and share about a variety of subjects & topics that are typically 'taboo'. I will be back every month!"

Come join us Dec 1 (8pm at 1386 Danforth) for the next Sex With Steph!

And here's the description of SwS on if you'd like to join the group:

We'll gather monthly to talk about sex and relationships: first times and last hurrahs, loneliness and longing, intoxication and masturbation! Activities will be proposed by the facilitator and content will be generated by the interests of the group. There will be a fee of $20/session ($22.60 with tax), which most folks paid in cash at our first session Nov. 3. If you come 3 times, you get the 4th free! (And if you ACTUALLY "come" 3 times, aren't you lucky!) If you bring a partner, the two of you get in for $35 + tax. (And if your partnership is taxing [!], we can talk about that, too.) This fee includes professional as well as community support for your sexual health questions plus chips, booze and cheeky conversation!

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